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Since 2020 | In EMEA

MariaDB® & DMorpheus

The MariaDB® Platform offers various technical and economical potentials.​

As MariaDB®-Reseller for EMEA we develop migration concepts for the complete context: contracts and installations.

In addition to that we are professionals on the development of databases and data transformations.

We always see it in the round: the technology and its economic and pragmatic application in day-to-day business.


Profitability assessment

Whatever a technology is able to achieve, it must be affordable.

Running databases as foundation of business-critical processes is expensive and elaborate, both on-premises and in cloud-bases data centres. From long years of experiences, we have become familiar with the various players, their fields of application and contracts so we know which technical and commercial constellation best meets your needs.

We only migrate your databases and your contracts if TCO is reduced as well as technical optimisation is achieved.


Many data silos are spread within the company. Question: Which data in which systems for which objectives?

The production of data explodes within the company as well as outside the enterprise. Planning and launching new data services mostly takes place in reactive instead of proactive way.

We analyse the actual state and together with you we develop a concept to get a holistic view of your business data processing.

By the means of forward and reverse engineering we support you to implement this architectural concept, including migration and transformation scenarios.

Migration, transformation

As already mentioned: We migrate the complete business context, not only systems and data.

Many years of experience gained in planning and implementing complex databases gives us our legitimacy.


We move databases together with model, structure, content and logic between different platforms for transactional and analytical systems. We transform data with its quality assured and incorrect input or other data quality defects are corrected. 

We support testing and implementing new software by using data from old systems in the data models of your new applications.

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