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Since 1952 the family company SPRINGER with its head office in Friesach (Austria) has been planing, developing and producing customised machines and conveyer systems for the wood-processing industry. Sophisticated high-tech processes are performed in transporting and sorting wood according its quality.

The SPRINGER-Group develops concepts for digital industrial solutions in conjunction with DMorpheus, as the basis for implementation by R&D partners.


MariaDB® delivers the same core functions as proprietary databases at a fraction of the cost. Therefore MariaDB® is the fastest growing open-source database.

MariaDB® liberates companies from the drawbacks of proprietary databases such as high costs, limitations and complexity. This enables them to invest in really important areas: fast development of innovative applications for their customers. MariaDB® uses modular customised memory-engines. So MariaDB®  can handle workloads which hitherto have required different specific databases. By eliminating complexity and limitations companies can now rely on a single comprehensive database, responding to every need. In addition to that, it also operates on standard hardware as well as in the preferred cloud.  Within a few short minutes MariaDB® is ready for operation for analytical, transactional as well as for hybrid applications.


The fastest growing open-source database

MariaDB® provides unique operational agility without losing ACID-conformity and full SQL-implementation.